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Install the AWS CLI with virtualenv on Gentoo

First download virtualenv:

wget -O virtualenv-15.0.3.tar.gz

Extract virtualenv:

tar xvf virtualenv-15.0.3.tar.gz

Create the environment:

python3 virtualenv-15.0.3/ --system-site-packages ~/awscli-ve/

Alternatively, you can use the -p option to specify a version of Python other than the default:

python3 virtualenv-15.0.3/ --system-site-packages -p /usr/bin/python3.4 ~/awscli-ve

Activate your new virtual environment:

source ~/awscli-ve/bin/activate

Install the AWS CLI into your virtual environment:

(awscli-ve)~$ pip install --upgrade awscli

To exit your virtualenv:


Install OneDrive Free Client on Gentoo without Root Permission

OneDrive Free Client is “a complete tool to interact with OneDrive on Linux”.

Install the D language compiler:

curl -fsS | bash -s dmd

Run the full source command provided by the output of the above install script.

Download OneDrive Free Client’s source:

git clone

Change to the source directory:

cd onedrive

Use the following command to edit the prefix defined in Makefile:

sed -i 's|/usr/local|/home/username|g' Makefile

Compile and install OneDrive Free Client:

make && make install

Deactivate the source command:


Add ~/bin to your PATH so that you can run binaries in ~/bin without specifying the path. Ignore this step if you have performed it for a different program.

echo "PATH=\$HOME/bin:\$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc

You can now run OneDrive Free Client with onedrive. To run it in the background, you can use:

screen -dmS onedrive onedrive -m

Run the following command to create a sync list, which let onedrive only syncs specific directories:

vi ~/.config/onedrive/sync_list

In sync_list (one directory per line):


shadowsocks-libev with simple-obfs failover option doesn’t work with V2Ray shadowsocks outbound

If you’re using shadowsocks-libev with simple-obfs and has failover enabled to an actual website (Nginx, Apache, etc.), then your proxy won’t work well V2Ray shadowsocks outbound, because extra data sent out from V2Ray will fallback to shadowsocks failover server you defined.

A simple solution is to disabled failover option on a dedicated shadowsocks server for V2Ray.