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Textmate 2.0.0-alpha.9317 Adds Support For Removing Trailing Spaces in Document / Selection


2012-09-29 (r9317)
New semantic class: callback.document.will-save. This can be used to have a command called prior to saving a document, the command could e.g. strip trailing whitespace or ensure the document has a LF character on last line. Two minor issues is that selection is currently lost after running a “did save” command (when it replaces entire document) and caret is scrolled into the visible area.

相关 bundle 设置:

禁用 global_terms_enabled 以允许 WordPress Mutisite 用户编辑 category slug 与 tag slug

方法一,编辑数据库 wp_sitemeta 表中的 global_terms_enabled,将值设置为 0


// disable global terms to make category, link_category, and tag slugs editable
// you can also set global_terms_enabled value to 0 on wp_sitemeta table
function disable_global_terms($enablefalse) {
   return 0;
add_filter( 'global_terms_enabled', 'disable_global_terms' );

Lion 升级至 Mountain Lion,导入 Lion 用户数据后可能会出现的问题

  • Mail 中的 RSS 订阅会丢失(解决方案
  • Mail 中的 Rules 会丢失
  • Xcode 需要升级
  • Xcode 中的 Command Line Tools、iOS 5.0 Simulator 需要重新安装
  • FaceTime 需要重新激活
  • homebrew 需要在安装完 Command Line Tools 之后升级
  • s3cmd 需要重新安装
  • Dropbox 需要升级
  • Keychain Access 需要整理
  • Font Book 中的自定义字体会全部 disabled,需要重新启用
  • 部分网络连接要在设置中重新设置,以记住密码